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Proper digitization is important for commercial embroidery of caps. T-shirt files are not designed for curved substrates. This means that you must modify the design for rounded surfaces. Professional digitizers will know how to change the design data to fit caps, reducing the need for multiple rides. Below are some tips to ensure successful cap embroidery. To begin, select the right type of hat or visor for your project. This article explains the various types of hats and visors and how to stitch them correctly.

First, determine the desired design. Choose a size and style for your embroidered design. If the embroidery is small, it will be difficult to get the design to appear on a large-sized hat. You can also use different styles. The embroidered style is best for simple text, like your company name. Flat embroidery is the most popular method, as it accommodates larger, more complex lettering. A computerized sewing machine is used for flat-style logos.

Once you’ve decided on a design, choose a technique for the embroidery. You can choose between flat and 3D embroidery, so you can have the right effect for your design. While embroidered styles are best for logos, flat style is best for larger, more detailed lettering. If you are using a computer-controlled sewing machine, you may want to consider using a filled background for your logo. Then, decide whether you want your logo to be raised or flat.

Embroidering on a hat is a simple way to promote your business. With the right marketing strategy, cap embroidery can bring in more profit for your custom apparel business. By choosing the right style, you can increase your revenue and get a competitive advantage in your target market. And you can choose from a variety of colors and designs, ensuring your customers will be satisfied with the final product. You can also use your design to promote your brand or service.

There are several ways to digitize a design on a cap. One of the easiest ways is to use a disappearing ink pen. This type of pen contains ink that will disappear after a day or two when it comes into contact with water. While this method is not permanent, it is worth considering because it will not show stitching marks after the embroidery is done. So, you should check out the different options to see which one will best suit your needs.

Cap embroidery is a unique type of sewing. Unlike sewing on other garments, caps have a 3-dimensional curvature that requires special attention. The design will need to be designed to fit on the front of the cap. An experienced digitizer will take into account the size of the finished hat. Moreover, the design should be digitized in a way that it is easy to make. This way, you can avoid common problems associated with the sewing of headwear. For more details on cap embroidery visit Snappy Printing and Graphics a Chicago custom screen printing company at

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